Tuesday, December 14, 2010

THE SHOP...12/14/10

 Hey everyone, my name is Antonio Duran and today I have been assigned as the Documenter and Public relations staff.   This update shows how my fellow classmates(marine technicians) are hard at work on their goal of accomplishing the unique New York Sloop. The following pictures also show technicians lofting the skeleton of the vessel and others finishing up the building platform where the sloop will be located. Last but not least another group carves UANYH on tools so that they wouldnt get mixed with other company tools. This has been the update on December 14, 2010 and we look forward for more followers and visitors to view our vessel with their own eyes(something unique)

Friday, December 3, 2010

NY sloop blog

My name is Marc Melendez. i am one of the kids working on the ny sloop today i am the documenting what we did today we measured the cross members and layed them down.The point of the cross members is to make sure the floor is sterdy and the planks of wood we use for the stage do not bounce around to much we also aranged the tool cabinets we will try and post more pictures hope you keep following us through this project

Monday, November 29, 2010

New Job assignments Seniors

Hello everyone my name is Dawshaun Thompson, and today in Vessel Enginering, the class was divided into three separate groups. One group worked on Fixing the Tool cabinet with the old tools, the Second Group worked on The newer Tool Cabinet. The last group worked on Framing and cutting wood for our final Designs of the New York Sloop. Everyone had something to do and I believe this new system of work will help us as a class and as Group members to move a little faster and neater.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

First Photos

Students are finishing scale models out of Bainbridge Board

Letting the glue dry

Marc uses dividers for a precise measurement

Chastity cuts out frame stations while Jonathan assures a good job
 Dennis and Ashley survey their work

Happy with the days accomplishment!

Historical Back ground

Sloop off the battery

Sandbaggers developed out of the more sensible working sloops

The age of sail and steam mix

Checking the fit of a frame station

Students eye the lines of their models

Monday, October 18, 2010

Robert's feedback on todays classwork!

Today in Vessel Engineering, all the individual students continued to work on their loftings of their New York Sloops. This is a one masted vessel with two sails, a foresail and a jib. However, the students utilized plenty of materials to help them draw out and measure each part of their boats. Now that we have done a lot of things and learned the material needed to actually build the real boat, the class can get into smaller groups and work together. Each student will have a specific role and responsibility in their group to divide the work and effort needed in oder to accomplish their goal!

Brendan told me to blog

My name is Cesar Im in grade 11 and i attend Urban Assembly New York Harbor School. My teacher Brendan teaches Marine Vessel Engineering class and right now we are sketching the NY Sloop. My boy Brendan said to tell you guys so now your told. Cant wait for you guys to see the real thing once we start cutting out with White Oak. Oh and Daniel another student said to say his name in this thing and that he learned the same thing.

First Student Blog - Kiana Horne

As of today, 10\18\10, in Vessel Engineering and Design, we are constructing the NY Sloop. Different groups will be creating loftings of the profile view and the section views of the NY Sloop. Different tools being used to create these loftings are batten, a divider, a T square, and a yard stick. We will be using measurements from the NY sloop blueprints to construct a model twice the size of the original. We are working on our measuring skills and our problem solving skills.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

1st Post

Hello, My name is Brendan Malone, I am a Marine Technology teacher at the Urban Assembly New York Harbor School on Governors Island, NY. As part of the Vessel Engineering class we are going to be building a traditional construction NY Sloop from the design in Howard I. Chapelle's American Small Sailing Craft. On this blog we will be periodically updating (every Thursday afternoon) our progress, posting pictures, student work etc. Dont have much more to say now. I look forward to reading your comments, suggestions and hopefully your encouragement. If you are interested in visiting us, send a meesage on the blog and I will contact you. Bye