Saturday, October 30, 2010

First Photos

Students are finishing scale models out of Bainbridge Board

Letting the glue dry

Marc uses dividers for a precise measurement

Chastity cuts out frame stations while Jonathan assures a good job
 Dennis and Ashley survey their work

Happy with the days accomplishment!

Historical Back ground

Sloop off the battery

Sandbaggers developed out of the more sensible working sloops

The age of sail and steam mix

Checking the fit of a frame station

Students eye the lines of their models

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  1. Hey This Is Brittni Allen. I Am A Student At The New York Harbor School. I Have Vessel Engineering 5 Days A Week Periods 6 & 7. Its A Cool Class. This Is An Exciting Part Of My Day Because This Is The Only Class Where Things Are Hands On. Our Jobs Change Everyday So That Allows Everyone To Try Something New. Shoutouts To Brendan ^___^